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Outdoor Explorers

Join our staff in an explorative hike through the natural environment of Evans and Casey Jones Park as we learn about local ecology, search for signs of critters, and then create an art project to take home with you.  Youth must dress for the weather and be prepared to be outdoors for much of this mini-camp.  Group will meet at the Casey Jones Pavilion. SESSIONS: 3/20 (1pm-4pm), 3/22 (9am-12pm)

All Sorts of Sports

If athletics is your game, you don’t want to miss this mini-camp that will engage youth in a variety of sports and activities, with a focus on participation, positive sports behavior, and fun!  Youth must dress for the weather and be prepared to be outdoors for much of this mini-camp.  Group will meet at the Casey Jones Pavilion.  SESSIONS: 3/20 (9am-12pm), 3/22 (1pm-4pm)

Spring Break Art Class

Come explore your creative side! Painting on a canvas, drawing cartoons, clay wind chime, fun with Lex lace: keychains, copper metal art project and scratchboard art. Group will meet at Casey Jones Pavilion. SESSION: 3/21 (1pm-4pm)


Elizabeth Park and Rec is happy to announce some new youth programs for the community! Spring Break Fun programs are designed for families to participate in fun activities during Spring Break even though they are at home! Mini-Camps will include outdoor explorations, Art Class, gym games, Laugh-O-Lympics, all sorts sports, and many more fun active games! Register now under the Spring Break Fun tab!

Gym Games

Although we will be “in the school”, nothing but physical education is planned.  Join our staff for a few hours of classic gym games including Steal the Bacon, Dodgeball, Snakes & Lizards, and many more fun active games.  Activities will be held indoors at Legacy Academy.  SESSIONS: 3/23 (9am-12pm), 3/23 (1pm-4pm)


In this zany mini-camp, youth will participate in a variety of Olympic like games with some silly twists.  All participants will be winners and laughing is sure to be heard throughout the park.  Activities may occur outdoors if weather permits, and will be held indoors if the weather does not cooperate.  Group will meet at the Casey Jones Pavilion.  SESSION: 3/21 (9am-12pm)

Playground Improvements

The Park Board has allocated funds for 2018 to improve the playground at Casey Jones Park.  In addition to replacing the pea gravel surfacing with playground mulch, new pieces of equipment will be added including an Aztec Climber, Standing Spinner, and an Inclined Vortex Net.     

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Disc-Golf Course

A new disc-golf course is being developed within Evans Park and will be available for use by Spring!  The Park Office will have sets of discs available (during business hours) for use by anyone wanting to try this challenging and fun activity.  Any experienced disc-golfers interested in assisting with course design, please give us a call at 303.646.3599.   .

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