All Sports Youth Day at Coors Field!

Come watch the Colorado Rockies take on the San Diego Padres on Sunday, September 17th at 1:10pm! If your child wears their Elizabeth Park and Rec jersey, they will be able to walk the warning track before the first pitch! Lower Level tickets $20! (face value $32)

PLEASE bring order form to EPR office by AUGUST 25th!

Week five scores: 7/7/2017

Casey Jones N                      Casey Jones S

6:30pm                                  6:30pm

Master Batters 5                    Readylift 12

Buzzards Pizza 10                 Team Swag 4

7:30pm                                  7:30pm

Master Batters 15                  Free Agents 5

Team Swag 8                         Readylift 15

8:30pm                                  8:30pm

Buzzards Pizza 21                Sons of Pitches 18

E-Lemon-Ators 6                   Ball Slappers 8

9:30pm                                   9:30pm

Ball Slappers 11                    Sons of Pitches 6

Free Agents 9                        E-Lemon-Ators 14

Co-Ed Softball

Thank you for a great season! Congrats to our league champs, Buzzards Pizza!

*When registering online for all adult sports, after clicking "Register Now," on the new page select the Registration menu at the top and select "League Registration." All Adult Sports will be under this option. Please make a selection from the menu on the left. The menu on the left is to select and narrow down your options.

Week one scores: 6/6/2017

Casey Jones N                    Casey Jones S


Ball Slappers 10                  Master Batters 10

E-Lemon-Ators 12               readylift 8


Master Batters 5                  Ball Slappers 11

E-Lemon-Ators 21               readylift 13


Sons of Pitches 15             Free Agents 1

Team Swag 10                   Buzzards Pizza 18


Free Agents 7                     Sons of Pitches 3

Team Swag 8                     Buzzards Pizza 13

Week 6 scores: 7/14/17

EVANS N                                EVANS S

6:30pm                                    6:30pm

Sons of Pitches 7                    Readylift 9

Buzzards Pizza 19                  Ball Slappers 8

7:30pm                                    7:30pm

Sons of Pitches 8                    Ball Slappers 5

Readylift 9                               Buzzards Pizza 15

8:30pm                                    8:30pm

E-Lemon-Ators 18                   Master Batters 14

Team Swag 5                          Free Agents 8

9:30pm                                    9:30pm

Free Agents 27                       Master Batters 17

Team Swag 8                         E-Lemon-Ators 18

Week 7 scores: 7/21/17

Casey Jones N                         Casey Jones S

6:30pm                                     6:30pm

Buzzards Pizza                         Master Batters

Readylift                                   E-Lemon-Ators

7:30pm                                     7:30pm

Buzzards Pizza                        E-Lemon-Ators

Master Batters                          Readylift

8:30pm                                     8:30pm

Sons of Pitches                         Free Agents

Ball Slappers                            Team Swag

9:30pm                                     9:30pm

Ball Slappers                            Team Swag

Free Agents                             Sons of Pitches


Team                         Record               RA                 RF

1. Buzzards Pizza     12-0               64                      183

2. Master Batters       8-4                 114                    159

3. Readylift                8-4                 124                    147

4.E-Lemon-Ators       8-4                  128                    144

5. Sons of Pitches      6-6                 132                    141

6. Free Agents           2-10              150                    111

7. Ball Slappers         2-10               173                   102

8. Team Swag           2-10               175                    75

Week four scores: 6/30/17

Evans North                                     Evans South


Buzzards Pizza 17                           E-Lemon-Ators 17

Free Agents 5                                  Ball Slappers 9


Ball Slappers 3                                 Buzzards Pizza 13

Free Agents 20                                 Readylift 10


Sons of Pitches 13                           Team Swag 4

E-Lemon-Ators 14                            Master Batters 18


Sons of Pitches 20                           Master Batters 18

Team Swag 6                                   Readylift 22

Code of Conduct

At Elizabeth Park and Recreation we believe in instilling a positive attitude, teaching basic fundamentals, building confidence, and sharing our love of play with youth.  We believe play is a vital right for all youth and helps develop physical, emotional, and social growth. Our programs emphasize participation, fun, and sportsmanship over winning and we strongly discourage the hyper competiveness that negatively impacts many youth sport programs.  All coaches, players, parents, officials, and program administrators will demonstrate respect for each other as well as the game at all times.  Participants, parents, and coaches are expected to support this system.

Week three scores: 6/23/17

Casey Jones N                          Casey Jones South


Buzzards Pizza 7                      Sons of Pitches 13

E-Lemon-Ators 0                       Free Agents 10


Sons of Pitches 3                      Ball Slappers 16

Master Batters 17                      Free Agents 10


E-Lemon-Ators 8                       Buzzards Pizza 16

Readylift 18                               Team Swag 1


Readylift 13                               Ball Slappers 6

Team Swag 5                            Master Batters 15

Week two scores: 6/16/17

Casey Jones N                        Casey Jones S


Master Batters 13                    E-Lemon-Ators 2 

Free Agents  5                         Team Swag 13


Master Batters 12                    E-Lemon-Ators 14 

Team Swag  1                         Free Agents 4


Sons of Pitches 16                  Ball Slappers  8            

readylift 5                                Buzzards Pizza 16


Sons of Pitches 19                  readylift 13

Ball Slappers 7                        Buzzards Pizza 18

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Come join us and watch 

Star Wars Rogue One 

on September 16th at Evans Park! Festivities will begin at 6pm with fun kids games, music, and bouncy house! Movie will begin at dusk!

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